CAHR offers the world class traveler, villas throughout Barbados that provides the best in world class comforts. We pride ourselves in offering our clients only the best in accommodations. The Luxury villas are staff by personel to provide you personalize health and fitness treatments.


The Great House







You will find a full range of services such as baths and wraps, massage therapy, natural skin care and special spa packages.
* Mineral Baths - a remarkable mineral water which creates a deep and penetrating relaxation.
* Reflexology - based on the same principles as accupressure focusing on the feet.
* Hot Springs Special - mineral bath with essential oils and an aromatic body wrap with a Swedish or Shiatsu massage.

Our World Class Villas offer Corporate Wellness Programs Physical Examinations, Medical Laboratory analysis and Alternative Medical Treatment, 24hr Detox and Rehabilitation programs. Our clients can choose from programs based on Nutritional Analysis, Psychological Profile and Physical Activity. The villas also offer Therapeutic and Preventive regimes.

The Resort villas provide for luxury accommodation and superb, five star cuisine with a Caribbean flair. The properties are discreetly situated and are perfectly landscaped unique environments. The result in every case will be a feeling of light, space and relaxing and restful ambience. Contact Caribbean American Health Resorts and fulfill your dreams.


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