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All of the Physicians and Specialists are  the best and most qualified in the various discipline. They are Board Certified and will be credentialed by a National Credentialing Organization. These Physicians, Surgeons and Specialists are North American schooled and trained and are practicing primarily in Beverly Hills, California and New York.


Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum received his medical degree from the New York Upstate College of Medicine. He then both interned and later completed the General and Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery program at the University of California Medical Center San Francisco.

Certified by the Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he was named One of America’s foremost Plastic Surgeons in the United States by America’s Elite 1000 and America’s Top Surgeon by the Consumers Research Council of America.

The doctor is a member of numerous profession societies, including the AMA, CMA, ASPRS, and the ASAS. He is published in a number of journals, among them the British Journal of Plastic Surgery and the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Dr. Birnbaum has presented many papers and lectures over the years, and has contributed to a variety of medical books. For example, he contributed to the book entitled The Artistry of Reconstructive Surgery, by Burt Brent, M.D. In addition, more than once the doctor has been published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The American Society of Aesthetic Surgery, among other societies, have presented his papers.

Having served as a clinical instructor of Plastic Surgery at the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, the doctor has proven the depth and breadth of his experience and expertise.

Dr. Bloomquist, a doctor of Chiropractic, is qualified in many areas within this medical discipline. The doctor is certified as a Sports Team doctor, as well as a Disability and Qualified Medical Evaluator.

The doctor's many patients know and value his ongoing pursuit for updating his medical skills and knowledge. This is well demonstrated by his having served as a postgraduate instructor for Neurology, Neurological Rehabilitation, Chiropractic Behavioral Health and Anti Aging.

As a member of over 25 medical associations, it is clear the doctor is thoroughly committed to the highest level of expertise in his chosen field of medicine. For example, Dr. Bloomquist has been involved in the Clinical Electro Medical Research Academy, as well as the International & American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists. 

The doctor has completed medical studies in Herbology at the Dominion Herbal College in Canada. Dr. Bloomquist has been active in the Federation Internationale de Chiropractique Sportive for over ten years, as well as American Chiropractic Association. He is sought after as an expert guest by radio and television broadcasters, and has hosted his own radio talk show and cable television program, all in an effort to improve the awareness and knowledge of Chiropractic for his patients and for the community.

Dr. Dean Donato has a Southern California practice that benefits not only from his training in the United States, but from extensive studies abroad as well. In addition to working with Dr. Cortez's cancer patients in Tijuana, Mexico, the doctor spent a year studying acupuncture in Japan. The doctor has been a member of the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture since 1989.

Patents also benefit from Dr. Donato's in depth expertise from having treated both professional sports patients, including the Los Angeles Rams football team, as well as sports members within the United States Army. Since 1972, he has been an active member of the Fellowship of International Association of Clinical Acupuncture.

A member of the Fellowship of International Association of Clinical Acupuncture, he continues to demonstrate his professional leadership in raising the quality of patient treatment. 

The doctor has a wealth of experience in a holistic approach to medicine, which is demonstrated in his practice daily, and also proven by his one-time role as Director of the Mammoth Lakes, California High Sierra Health Resort and Spa.

Dr. Cadrin Gill has been practicing in Southern California for over twenty years. He has distinguished himself not only as Coordinator of the Committee on Minority Affairs of the Western United States; he has received a number of awards and honors, including being a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

After completing a demanding and intensive Residency at the Martin Luther King, Jr. General Hospital in Los Angeles, the doctor soon after continued to make contributions, such as becoming a member of the Committee on Faculty Development of Family Medicine.

The doctor also has educational roots abroad, having served as Second Headmaster of Primary School in the Caribbean. The scholastic skills honed there have served his patients and fellow medical professionals well over the years.

As a member of many medical societies, Dr. Gill continues to contribute to developments in the field of medicine and to the community at large.

Dr. Fouad Ghaly has a thriving anti-aging practice in Beverly Hills and since 1995 has specialized in Anti Aging Medicine. Once so dedicated to crisis intervention healing, he became a convert to the concept of anti-aging as a medical discipline. 

As President of the Rejuvenation & Longevity Medical Clinic, Dr. Ghaly is able to remain on the cutting edge of Anti Aging developments. He has conducted a great deal of research in this field. His exclusive clientele includes royalty from a number of Middle Eastern countries. 

A true believer and a physician who practices what he preaches and prescribes, Dr. Ghaly regularly uses vitamins, holistic stress management techniques, sound nutrition and a comprehensive exercise program to rejuvenate himself. He firmly believes his patients should be well educated on current treatment options and know how to live younger longer, not just longer.

All of Dr. Ghaly's expertise is built upon a rock solid foundation of 25 years of medical practice in the demanding field of Anesthesiology.

Dr. Pearlman D. Hicks was born in Hamilton, Ohio. He attended public high school there before completing his undergraduate education at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He graduated in 1968 with a B.A. degree in Biological Sciences. After completing four years of medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, he completed a five year general surgical residency at Case Western Reserve University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio in 1977. From 1976-1977 he was Chief Surgical Resident at University Hospitals. He returned to Massachusetts and completed his two years of plastic surgical residency at Harvard University. In his last year he was Chief Resident in Plastic Surgery at both Boston Children's Hospital and the Peter Bent Brigham

These Physicians, Surgeons and Specialists are North American schooled and trained and are practicing primarily in Beverly Hills, California and New York. They are trained in the use of state of the art equipment and utilized innovative technology in the various surgical procedures. Only those international Physicians who are well qualified through experience and are in good standing with a recognized International Society will be invited to provide service. 

Dr. Randall Maxey has been published in numerous publications. Among them, The Archives of Internal Medicine, The Management of High Blood Pressure in African Americans and the Journal of the National Medical Association, Community Outreach: A call for Community Action.

These published works are just part of the picture of a doctor committed not only to his medical profession, but to the community as well. The doctor is currently President Elect of the National Medical Association, and in 2002 received the Dean's Special Service Award from Howard University for Outstanding Alumni. 

Having served for many years both in the United States and overseas as Supervising Medical Director of dialysis centers, Dr. Maxey has demonstrated his commitment to taking a leadership role in the medical specialty of Nephrology.

The doctor has held the title of Clinical Assistant Professor at a number of academic institutions, including the well-known Charles Drew University. Always enhancing and developing his medical skills, he has also completed specialized training in Hyper baric and Wound Care.

The doctor has lectured extensively over the years, sharing his valuable experience and proficiency in Nephrology. Recently, for instance, he spoke at the Med Chi Annual Symposium on Health Care Solutions for the Underserved in America-A Strategic Plan. 

As a former Chairman of the Board of the Guam Renal Care Corporation, Dr. Maxey's patients benefit from both his physician's perspective as well as that of a chemist and pharmaceutical specialist. 

Dr. Orlando Pile Dr. Pile collaborates with physicians of Alternative Medicine to promote methods of enhancing the Immune System and improving Nutrition. He speaks to many organizations and universities throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

As a physician specialist for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Dr. Pile is the Chief of Communicable Diseases. Having worked with the Department of Justice on numerous projects, he is at the forefront of this specialty. In addition, the doctor is a member of the distinguished faculty of Correctional Physicians on HIV/AIDS.

He has lectured extensively and participated in many conferences on Infectious Diseases in the correctional sector, as well as the community at large. Currently he collaborates with physicians of Alternative Medicine in an effort to promote ways of enhancing the Immune System and improving nutrition.

In addition to this, the doctor still finds time for the local community by offering his services to sports medicine in the youth and high school football programs.

The doctor is a senior member of the medical staff of Robert F. Kennedy Medical Center in Hawthorne, as well as Centinela Hospital Medical Center in Inglewood, and maintains a very successful practice in Inglewood and Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Stephen Pincus was born in New York City where he attended the prestigious Bronx High School of Science and graduated with honors. He then earned a degree in physics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and was elected into Sigma Pi Sigma (Honor Physics Society). Following this, he went to the Ohio State College of Medicine where he was elected into Alpha Omega Alpha (Honor Medical Society). After doing an internship in surgery at the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dr. Pincus went into the Air Force. He served as Chief Flight Surgeon for Maxwell Air Force Base as well as the Medical Examiner for the minimum security prison in Montgomery, Alabama. Following this, he came to Los Angeles to pursue his studies in Head and Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery. He completed his residency at Wadsworth VA Hospital U.C.L.A.. in 1976. He is presently in private practice in Beverly Hills and Marina del Rey but, as Clinical Associate Professor, assists in the teaching of U.S.C. residents in the techniques of facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Artis Woodward, named Outstanding Doctor of the year 2000, has been specializing in Anesthesiology with a focus on Pain Management for well over twenty years. The doctor's robust Los Angeles practice continues to grow based not only on his excellent reputation in the field, but also in part due to his long-term, active role in the Charles R. Drew School of Medicine & Science.

As founder of Jazz at Drew, which has been the most successful fund raiser ever for the Drew School, the doctor has helped make a significant contribution over the years to the advancement of medical knowledge and the continued education for many others in this field of medicine.

The doctor garnered intensive and broad experience during his six-year period at the Daniel Freeman Hospital as Chief Trauma Anesthesiologist. This sought after physician has served as Chief of Anesthesia at a number of respected medical institutions in Southern California.

Thanks largely to Dr. Woodward's medical management, guidance and support over a number of years at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Community Hospital, his division was named Outstanding Department in 1996.

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