April 10, 2003
Volume 1   
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CAHR Highlights: 

•   CAHR trading on NASDAQ under symbol CAHR.OB

 •  A talk with Mr. Hal Martin, CEO of CAHR

Caribbean American Health Resorts, Inc.
Corporate Offices • 9454 Wilshire Boulevard • Suite 600 • Beverly Hills, CA • 90212-2980
Telephone  800.498.7716   310.278.3108   •   Facsimile  310.860.1882
email cahrinc@aol.com  •  website www.cahrinc.com


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CAHR Inc. is now a public company, with its stock trading on NASDAQ.

This is an historic moment in the corporate life of Caribbean American Health Resorts, Inc. 

CAHR.OB stock began trading on NASDAQ April 01, 2003.

Demand for stock was immediate, as evidenced by the rapid rise in the share price during the first day of trading.  The current share price is $5.00.

The world class resort will offer Cosmetic Surgery, Elective and Reconstructive Surgery, Anti Aging Services, Spa and Alternative Medical Treatments, as well as Detoxification and Rehabilitation Programs.

CAHR’s first Caribbean resort facility will be on the Island of Barbados.  The island is noted for its excellent perennial climate of 66-85 degrees.  Barbados boasts a long history of political and economic stability.  It is probably the safest destination in the world.

CAHR will serve its select clientele during their getaway or recovery with the utmost discretion and ensure absolute confidentiality.

Services are expected to be available as of May 30, 2003.  

The Caribbean provides total secrecy and privacy for the most discriminating and discerning guests.  

The stock may be seen by visiting the website.  Click on INVESTORS, and then GET QUOTE. 

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An Interview with the CEO

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  9454 Wilshire Blvd.
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We spoke with Hal Martin to learn more about CAHR.

Q:  Why Barbados?

A:  Barbados offers the opportunity for doctors and clients to enjoy total privacy and secrecy for their services and procedures.  The climate is excellent and quite conducive to the healing and recovery process.

Best of all, the client


enjoys having the procedure done while on vacation in a private paradise, returning home not only refreshed, but also looking and feeling years younger.

Q:  What can you tell us about the CAHR doctors?

A:  The physicians are all United States Board Certified. They have thriving practices in New York and Beverly Hills.


Q:  Why should I purchase CAHR stock?

A:  The concept is revolutionary, embraced by medical and alternative medicine specialists.  Furthermore, the CAHR stock, CAHR.OB, is supported by substantial real estate holdings.