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Barbados enjoys an excellent climate with temperatures of 66 to 85 degrees all year round. The island is serviced by all the major airlines including the Concorde and is frequented by many jet setters. Since Barbados is a playground for the rich and the famous, there will be an additional ego attraction to being serviced in this location away from the discerning eyes of the media.


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Concorde Trio...a sight to behold!

On January 02, there was a rare vision indeed at Grantley Adams International Airport - three Concordes on the ground at the same time. One was an Air France charter which brought 100 passengers on December 23: the other two were scheduled planes belonging to British Airways, each bearing 92 passengers. All departed on the same day.

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* The island's outstanding educational system has produced a 98% literacy rate - one of the highest in the world.
Business environment
* Investment laws are clear and modern
* There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of business enterprises.
* Bureaucratic requirements are kept to a minimum.
* Government actively encourages foreign investment in the industrial sector.
Support Services
* Barbados provides the investor with an extensive range of banking and other financial services.
* There is a solid pool of sophisticated legal and accounting professionals - most of the international accounting firms are represented on the island.


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