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In today's global economy there is an increasing demand for high quality vacation destinations where a person can not only step out of his or her hectic routine for a brief period of time but actually relax and refresh their overall self in an environment that refocuses them on a healthy lifestyle and rejuvenates their spirit.


Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Services that are low profile and discreet while at the same time supervised by medical staff are also difficult for many to obtain. While this problem occurs throughout society, of particular concern are situations where key members of a corporate management team fall victim. In this case the utmost in discretion is required while the individual recovers.


The Health Resort will be staffed with specialists in the fields of health and body maintenance from California, other parts of the United States and internationally. The health center offers facilities that include tennis courts, mineral pools and a full range of services such as body wraps, and traditional massages

In addition to the traditional vacationer there are many people who use this period of time away from their normal routine as an opportunity to have an elective medical procedure performed. The Resort will provide services for reconstructive and elective surgery, detox/rehabilitation programs, corporate wellness and a series of health and longevity programs to promote and maintain a healthy body.

While for most Americans this can be done in a medical facility near them, many would prefer a setting where they can not only have the procedure performed by competent professionals but recuperate in an overall setting that fully prepares them for reentry into their daily life with a new appearance.


Further, studies have shown that in many parts of the world, in particular Canada, the demand for elective medical procedures far exceeds the ability of the medical system to deliver these services. As a result, many citizens of these countries are turning to facilities outside their home country to meet their needs. This includes several resort facilities located in the Caribbean that have been very successful to date.


The management team of Caribbean American Health Resorts believes that a Caribbean destination that provides for these varied need should be developed commercially. This "marriage" of services makes sense not only for traditional marketing reasons, but especially when one realizes that this combination creates an environment where these services can be delivered to the consumer in a manner that is unavailable with traditional methods. This concept is revolutionizing the industry.

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